stop and smell the roses
holistic therapies
stop and smell the roses is all about taking time out for you -
stop and choose to relax

All relaxation therapies can put the body into a state of homeostasis, which means being in a dynamic state of balance.  For the body to be healthy and avoid 'dis-ease' everything must work together harmoniously. The body seeks the state of homeostasis where healing can take place.  All forms of massage induce deep relaxation, allowing the nervous system to calm down, blood flow to improve and aids the removal of toxins.  A person can experience a great sense of wellbeing at all levels by taking time out for themselves on a regular basis - this is a great gift you can give to yourself.  By doing this you will notice great benefits to your health.

Ancient Eastern medical systems have long upheld that emotional states can reside in specific parts of the body. Problems with these emotions manifest along the meridians (energy channels) that run throughout the body to all the major organs and glands in the body and 'get stuck'.   All forms of therapy can help to unblock these areas and help the body and mind to heal itself. 

I am passionate about complementary therapies and always carry out a thorough consultation so that I can recommend and tailor a therapy for your personal needs and any particular problem you may have.  I allow plenty of time between appointments so you don't feel rushed; this allows you to rest and enjoy some peaceful time in a tranquil setting. My practice is situated in Wolston, near to Coventry, Warwick, Rugby, Leamington and Stratford.  Opening times are from Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. but I can be flexible offering later evening appointments or weekends for those who work full time. 

Please note: The full therapy cost will be charged for cancellations made less than 24 hours earlier.

Contact Corinne: 02476 543986 or mobile: 0770 4158052
Practice: 56 Main Street, Wolston, Nr Coventry CV8 3HJ





Hopi Ear Candling now available £28
includes facial massage and Reiki for 1 hour
(a truly cleansing and balancing therapy for the whole body)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage full body massage £29
(a gentle massage that stimulates the lymphatic system, helps to improve metabolism and eliminate waste and toxins, providing a boost to the immune system)